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What makes iKnowMyDesign different? What is unique about us?
Our name reflects our passion and focus: iKnowMyDesign.
Over 23 years ago we began to understand that the way organizations, families, marriages and individuals functioned showed a deep ignorance and misunderstanding of their own design. We also began to see that human being are immensely complicated with many "layers" or dimensions to their design. This led us to the realization that the best way we can serve is to help bring understanding to the design of each person and team. Since then we have seen breakthrough on all levels and organizations and people experiencing new levels of flourishing.
Nothing is more powerful to our growth than having a progressive understanding of one's own design.
iKMD is all about transformation based on better understanding ourselves and others.
Our approach is distinctly positive and affirmative in orientation because our main objective is growing people to create stronger teams and stronger relationships.
Wisdom is about applying knowledge and insights learned in life. We are committed to helping organizations, families and individuals gain new breakthrough insights that will empower them to grow to the fullness of their potential.
If you are looking for a team and resources that will make a positive impact in your personal or professional life, then we invite you to join our circle of friends who believe like we do. People serving people is always the best way to do life!
The iKnowMyDesign Team
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